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Bakel Fort

June 17, 2008

Bakel FortNothern part of Kerala too have a glorious history.
Remants of the of the Colonial & Portuguese rule are preserved in the many heritages there.

The esiest wat to travel to northern part of Kerala is by train.
I caught a train from Ernakulam – the Manglore Express.
The village of Bakel is located south of Kasargod in Kerala State. It’s a small village and has a fort that was built more than 350 years ago. Recently it has been identified as a site of Archaeological interest. It is approximately 2 hours drive from Mangalore and definitely worth a visit not only to see the fort but also for the beaches nearby.Bakel Fort

It was beutiful visit of Bakel and the near by Beach. I reached there almost in the morning. It is village setting. people are very friendly. There are no big hotels right now at Bakel.
So I had some food from a coutry type hotel. Fish is plenty there due to the nearness of the Sea and back waters.
I set for the Fort at around 11 AM. It was sunny.
The place was not very crowded. There were very few visitors. One can leisurely go around and see.
This heritage is well prserved.Bakel Fort from Within
Most of the construction of the Fort are using Laterite stone which is avaialable in those areas. Laterite combine with mortar was used for building in those days and even now in certain parts of kerala.

View to the top of the fort and from within is given in the photographs.
The fort has vast area.

I spent around 2 hours going around the fort. By the time i got tired and went to a near by wayside hotel for lunch. Lunch was served with rice, fish curry and some vegetable dishes. It was cheap for rs. 25 a meal.

I went to the near by beach in the after noon.Bakel Beach

Beach and back waters are beutiful and serene. There were hardly any people on the beach at this time. usually Kerala beaches are crowded.

I had dip in the sea awater. Then retreated. The Photograph shows the shot of the beach from bakel fort.
Bakel as a tourist spot is yet to be recognised.

I returned to Manglore in the evening. Manglore is part of Karanataka.