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Shortly Landing at Kochi!

June 1, 2008

Landing at Kochi.
When I was dozzing after the refreshment served on flight Jet Airways 9W407 Mumbai-Kochi. I heard the flight announcement -“Please put your seat belts, We will be shortly landing at Cochin International Airport”.

I looked through the window, paddy fields and coconut trees are visible, and water bodies too scattered here and there. I have heard of Kochi as a cluster of 100 or more small and big Islands. As the flight was lowering & directing towards the aiprort, I could see the flight path crossing a river. It is indeed the periyar river. I remembered that the famous Sivarathri festival is conducted annually on the banks of this river.
It looked as though we were going to hit the top of a Coconut tree, then over a fence and then grassy ground was at level with the widow flashing back at high speed.  With a thud, the wheels touched the runway. I could sea outside the Nedumbassery International Airport, Kochi. It’s buildings are picturesque in typical Kerala Vastu style. A number of planes were in line.
Flight came to a stop, as usual a few people got up and tried to open the lofts. Stewards had to announce again to passenegers to be seated till ‘seat belt’ sign is off. The doors were opened, I got out with my hand bag. We had to walk to the arrival hall and it was very near. Inside the arrival hall, it gave the feeling of any modern airport. Within 10 minutes i got my luggage from the conveyor belt and i moved to the pre-paid taxi counter.
I had booking at Hotel Abad Plaza, ernakulam. The counter lady said it is Rs. 550/-. I paid the money and she gave a voucher. Outside, one driver directed me to a parked taxi cab looking at my voucher. He was helping me carry my luggage. I got into an Ambassador Car, the old majestic car of India.  He placed my luggage in the dicky. And we started travelling towards ernakulam.

The Airport Road till the National Highway 47 was too good and we were at top speed.
But as soon as we entered the Highway, road became crowded. Although it was 2 lane traffic, vehicles were moving slowly. Infact no traffic rules on the road. People changed lanes zig-zig. When we reached the first bridge crossing periyar, it was at snail pace. The driven told me, at this time of the day (11AM) always it is like that. We passed the second bridge, Aluva, Kalamassery, Edappally, then into ernakulam city and my hotel Abdplaza.
Abadplaza is a 3-star reasonably rated hotel in Kochi. There are 5 stars like Taj Residency, Taj Malabar, Le Meridien etc. They are pretty costly. Abadplaza charges around Rs 3000/- per AC single room.
I was welcomed at the hotel cheerfully by the staff. It was a good hotel. Rooms were very good and well made up. I had a wash and then relaxed little and had lunch from hotel.
I had no concrete plans for Kerala..
I knew three places worth visiting in Kerala – Munnar, Thekkady, Kumarakom.
There are so many other places. but i decided to visit these places and any other as time permits.

I consulted the Hotel Travel desk. They advised me to see around Kochi in the after noon. They said, I can manage it myself and can travel by the local transports.
The places in kochi are – Mattacherry Jewish Synagogue, For Kochi St. Fracnis Church & Fishing Net and back waters. I decided to go around Kochi in the after noon.